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CHAPS (Cheshire Autism practical Support)

Chaps have been recommissioned by the now Cheshire Integrated Care Board to offer autism parent training in Northwich, Winsford, Crewe, Middllewich, Chester and Ellesmere Port.  Any parents of newly diagnosed autistic children, or children on the pathway, who are interested in attending the training can register their interest using this link here.


Dr Julia Clements shares some tips on how children and young adults can cope in moments of feeling anxious.

Feeling anxious can happen when we feel nervous, frightened or uneasy.  Its perfectly normal to feel this way from time to time, as its our body's natural responce to a situation we are not comfortable with.  but sometimes our anxiety can get the better of us and it can start getting in the wayof the things we enjoy.  See attche dfile coping with anxiety.


We all want our children to be happy, healthy, kind and surrounded by positive, supportive relationships.

of course, we can't control these future outcomes.  But we CAN pplant the seeds, nuture them and hope they'll blossom into bright futires.

One "seed" we can plant while our children are young is an understanding of what a healthy friendship looks like.

We can teach them to:

*Choose friendships that make them feel good.

*Set boundaries that are firm and respectful.

*Make choices that are right for them.

Healthy friendships and boundaries my seem like a big conversion for little ones.  but even complex topics can be explained in simple, engaging terms

See file below Healthy friendships for more tips.


There's a more effective, more empathetic way to motivate your child that doesn't involve threats or bribes.  the next time your child refuses to co operate, use the phrase "as soon as".  Instead of motivating youe child with threats odr rewards, you'll teach internal motivation and the value of making good choices.  See attached file below for more information.


Click here to listen to an episode of Pooky Ponders Podcast where she explores waht happens next when we learn that a child is neurodivergent.  What sort of conversations can we have with them to help better understand themselves and the world and their place within it.  How can we keep things positive and just how much do thye need to know?


Instead of resolving a disagreement with your children offer them a problem-solving straegy like:

*Take a break.

*Take turns talking it out.

*Find a way that works for everyone.

When you teach your children problem -solving strategies, they gain the skills and confidence to independently navigate conflicts with friends and siblings.

This is a valuable skill they can use for the rest of their lives, even when the conflict becomes bigger.




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