The Naughty Bus

This week the children have been reading the story Naughty Bus.  They have loved the story and hearing all about his adventures.   

On Tuesday they arrived to a messy classroom.  After investigating the crime scene, the only logical solution was Naughty Bus had visited the class and had made the mess.  He had knocked over toys and pencils, threw books all over the carpet and had left red paint tracks all over the floor.  He had even drove over the fruit! Luckily the children didn't mind tidying up after him but couldn't understand why he had done it.

On Wednesday Naughty Bus sent a video telling the children all about his adventure in their classroom.  After watching it the children decided to write him a letter.  They wanted to know why he had done it and if he even realised he had made a mess.

On Thursday he sent a reply.  He said sorry,  he didn't mean to make a mess, it was dark and he was driving too fast! The children said they were happy he had said sorry.

Hopefully Naughty Bus will visit Reception again, but next time drive slowly and NOT make a mess.

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