Our aim is to spread a little more kindness throughout our school and become even kinder people.

We have explored what kindness means, what it might look or feel like and looked at good examples of kindness in our assemblies.

Mrs Amner has made amazing sashes for us to wear during playtimes.

Class Kindness Captains are responsible for:

  1. Spotting other children being kind.
  2. Being extra kind to other children.
  3. Looking out for children who might feel better for somebody being kind to them.
  4. Telling adults and other children about acts of kindness they see or experience.

Staff are also looking out for children demonstrating kindness, they are given Kindness Coins which they can pass onto another person before the end of the day.

We are also keeping a 'Golden Kindness' book where children write down good examples of kindness.

Have you got any other ideas about how we can become even kinder?

Please let your teacher know about kindness at home too.

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