Governor Profiles

Rhonwen Barraclough

I became a governor in September 2014 and Chair in 2018.  I was interested in the role because my son, Ben, has been at the school for over 3 years and he has been and remains very happy here.  I am keen to do all I can to help the school go from strength to strength so that our children can continue to have a happy and positive experience and develop personally as well as academically.   


Mark Bland


I have been a governor at Belgrave for seven years,  During this time I have seen the school to transform from an Infant School to a fully fledged Primary School.  Both my children have attended Belgrave and enjoyed the experience particularly the school's fantastic portfolio of adventurous outdoor activities  and resident visits.

As a governor I support the school to:

  • Continue to develop and improve

  • Enable the whole school community to belong, enjoy, enthuse and succeed 

  • Provide the skills necessary for the children to flourish during their secondary school journey


Karen Chaplin

I have been a governor at Belgrave since 2017 and I am committed to supporting the school to achieve the best outcomes for all our pupils. I am passionate about children receiving an exciting, quality education which sets them up as confident learners for the future.  

My initial involvement with Belgrave began in 2014, when my son started in reception.  I also volunteer weekly in year six and have done this for several years.  

My background is in primary education, having taught across KS2 for over 15 years. In that time, I have experience of teaching in a variety of school settings and have worked most recently as Assistant Head teacher at a large Wirral primary school.


David Connolly

I am a parent of two girls who are thoroughly enjoying their time at Belgrave. I am also no stranger to the education environment, having over ten years teaching experience in a large secondary school. It is my belief that all pupils should be confident in their academic abilities with good self-esteem that enables them to contribute to the school and wider community. Moreover, pupils must enjoy school and as a parent governor these are the views that I represent. I bring my experience of the secondary school transition process, academic monitoring and pastoral care.


Churni Jennings

I currently have two daughters at Belgrave Primary School.  I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with years of experience in practice, commerce, industry and most recently, in education. I worked for the University of Chester Academies Trust (UCAT) several years ago as a contractor accountant for 6 months when it was in sound financial health, supporting the finance function of the primary schools in the Trust.  This gave me a unique insight into primary schools from a funding, cash flow, budgeting and costs perspective. Since 2007, have been working as a tutor, firstly in professional education, training students across various professional accountancy qualifications, such as the ACCA and CIMA qualifications. I believe many of these insights are transferable to all echelons of education, including primary school education.


Rev Neil Stacey

Our son, Ben, has been happy all the way through his time at Belgrave, so I am keen to help the school to continue to provide an excellent, broad education for children. I have 3 older children, who each went to university; one of them is now a secondary school teacher. Previously I have had experience of being a school governor in two primary schools in East Middlesbrough. As a new governor again, I am looking forward to learning again how best to support the school!”


Franck Schmidlin

I am a Frenchman, dad of Cécile and Margaux, both students at Belgrave, and became a Local Authority governor in January 2018.

I have no specific experience in the education sector but as a Senior IT consultant bring a wealth of other skills to complement that of my colleagues on the governing body.

I fully support the ethos of Belgrave and am very keen to help maintaining its wonderful approach to teaching.


Chris Martin

My three children are very happy at Belgrave and they all enjoy the opportunities that the school provides therefore I am honoured to have the opportunity to support the school more directly as a parent governor.

I am keen to utilise my skills and experience to add value to and complement the existing governing board to ensure Belgrave continues to be a positive and successful learning environment for every child.


Carena Graham

I became a parent governor in May 2018 when my son, Blake, was in Reception.  It was quickly evident how special our school is and how much he enjoys being part of that community.  I passionately believe in supporting the school and the commitment shown by the school leadership, staff and Governing Board, to provide a broad and exciting educational experience for all our children.

Having left a twenty three career in banking to become a full time Mum, I had a range of skills I felt would complement those already in the Board, although didn’t anticipate this would also lead to an interesting new career!  It was important to broaden and deepen my understanding of the education sector – the opportunities, challenges and complexities – in my own personal development journey as a Governor.  As such I joined Edsential and currently clerk part time for four primary and a secondary school in Cheshire, alongside studying professional qualifications.


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